No-nonsense, just proper Motorcycle Insurance.



Loss or Damage, Extras, Accessories, Retrieving your bike and deliver it back repaired!


Riding Gear, Protective Clothing, Personal Accident Cover, Legal Expenses for Traffic Offence Arrest.

Cover all your bikes and only pay for ONE!

Racing Cover

Most MSA or WOMS Events


24 Hour Emergency Response, Medical Evacuation

Simple Steps

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Choose your extras that you want to cover

Get Instant Cover

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What Our Client's Had to Say

“With over 25 years of racing experience, Motorcycle Underwriting Room has managed to create such a great product offering for my collection of bikes! MCUR understands us, the enthusiasts”
Herman van Zyl
“Damn...I am at a loss for words with our incredible service. I spoke to you at midday today, and just like that I'm signed up and covered with a super nice welcome email. Thank you so much.”
Francois Smith


Let’s get your Motorcycle Covered!

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