The Motorcycle Underwriting Room was born out of a passion and enthusiasm for motorcycling. By utilising our wealth of knowledge in both the insurance industry and motorbike community, we are able to give riders exactly what they need with peace of mind and confidence that their prized possessions will be looked after by passionate bikers themselves.

We have ridden, commuted, raced and toured hundreds of thousands of kilometres on 2 wheels locally and internationally.  We have also built a network of trustworthy, community based service providers that allow us to offer an affordable tailor made insurance solution.


Knowing the hard work and effort riders put into developing their skill to get the enjoyment only powered two wheels can offer, we reward you with better insurance premiums and services

Wouldn’t you want to be Insured with an Insurer that understands why bikers are the only people that know why a dog sticks its' head out of a car window?

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